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Appflux tracks and analyzes exceptions to diagnose and report all errors. We also provide Messages to manage and get the work done. Free forever

Track Errors and Have Discussions

Analyze Errors | Onboard Clients | Discuss Everything

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Meet Appflux

Error Analytics - Fix bugs faster!

Visually appealing stack traces help you spot errors in seconds, not minutes. Drill down on recurring exceptions with details on parameters, specific line numbers, browsers and much more. Intelligent grouping and duplicate error detection means you get all the meaningful data at one place.

Discuss Everything.

A classic interface where you can start discussions, tag them, comment on them, add files and do a lot of other stuff.

Onboard Your Clients

No need to discuss with team members on emails. Keep internal as well as client communication on Appflux. Decide which message should be shown to client explicitly. Every message remains internal to the team by default.

Store Project Files

Keep all your project related files in one location. Add files to a discussion, comments or just about anywhere else. Generous free tier storage space.