Import from Github

Appflux allows you to import your repositories on GitHub as Appflux projects. You can import projects, teams and users from your organization on GitHub.

What all data can I import?

  1. Your Organization.
  2. All projects within your organization.
  3. All users within the organization.
  4. All teams within the organization.
  5. Collaborations between users and teams, users and repositories, teams and repositories.
  6. Each user with proper role as on GitHub.

When should I use this?

This functionality provides an easy way for big organizations that are already on GitHub to adopt Appflux with minimum mannual effort. If you use GitHub to host your project repositories, you can virtually replicate your whole organization, team structure and projects on GitHub to Appflux with a few clicks.

How do I import the information?

  1. Click the profile icon on the header.
  2. Click "Account Settings".
  3. Select "GitHub import from the left side bar."
  4. Click on the import button and follow the instructions.

Connect Appflux account with GitHub

Doc connect with github

Import an organization from GitHub

Doc import org

See your data baked right into Appflux!

Doc imported data


Make sure you have proper read and write access to the organization you are trying to import.

The import process usually takes a couple of minutes to complete. We do this in background so you can focus on other important work. Feel free to refresh the page while the import is in progress. Check back after a couple of minutes to see your data baked right into Appflux!